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Brushing Is Not Enough

Despite that virtually everyone brushes their teeth, more than half of all Americans have gum disease. You can have healthier gums and brighter teeth with just an extra minute a day spent by flossing. Flossing helps prevent the buildup of plaque on your teeth. Plaque consists of bacteria that multiply as they sit in your mouth. Bacteria are living, microscopic organisms that release a sticky film that allows them to adhere to the surface. As they sit there, undisturbed, they release sulphur compounds that stink and breakdown the gums and eventually breakdown the bone causing the teeth to become loose.

If you get frustrated with the traditional string floss, try the plastic flosser sticks that are inexpensive and readily found in stores. Listerine makes a reusable handle with a plastic end that has floss on it to access the back teeth or if you need a larger handle this product works well.

There are many videos online that can demonstrate the proper way to floss, or, of course, ask your extremely knowledgeable hygienist.

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