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Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding or clenching can occur during the day or the night, however, it most often occurs while we are sleeping. Which is why you many not even know you are doing it unless your dental professional notices the signs during an exam or your partner tells you that you are grinding while you sleep.

Damage can be done to your teeth as evidenced by chipped or cracked teeth, flattened or worn down surfaces. You may experience symptoms of a sore, tired jaw or earache when you wake up, and/or dull headaches, loose teeth, clicking sounds or aching jaw joint when you open your mouth.

If you think you are grinding or clenching, it is very important that you seek professional help before it leads to joint problems (TMJ), broken teeth or even the loss of teeth. Getting teeth grinding under control can help you sleep better at night and feel better during the day. It can also help you protect your smile by keeping your teeth from being damaged.

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