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Focusing On The Homebound Population

Let’s not overlook the importance of good oral care for our loved ones that cannot easily get to the dental office. Frequently, they are in critical need of dental care due to multiple health and physical limitations. For those that have dementia or systemic conditions, dental problems ranging from cavities to oral infections are very common and can become major health issues very quickly.

We don’t think about the consequences on the whole body of not having good oral care. Whatever bacteria is in the mouth, will be swallowed, which can irritate the throat, and can also enter the stomach, causing stomach upset. The bacteria can and will enter the bloodstream which will disrupt the whole body.

Let’s not neglect or ignore our loved ones who cannot take care of themselves. Let’s stand in the gap and help them stay healthy, after all, one day it will be us who are in need of assistance.

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